We design simplistic contemporary modern structures which encapsulates the paradoxes of solid & void, light & shadows, exterior & interior in the built form in an ad-hoc cohesion and balance of visual appeal through evolution & process of a rigorous concept to the physical existence.

This process involves understanding the clients requirements & necessities and expressed dramatically to infuse life and vigour into the still physical entity. Our buildings represents the clients intent through our innovative design process & philosophy.

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Interior Designing

The inside of any built form should be comfortable and practical to the needs of each different individual lifestyles. We blend various different textures, forms, elements, materials & visual flairs to enhance the experience of living & working, through the spatial interactions by igniting the artistic buds according to their design demands & challenges.

The interiors of any space takes precedence in portraying the intrinsic function that the space transcends into displaying its innate yet distinctive utility.

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I by design, a design company earlier & have since diversified into the turn-key sector to provide quality & proper translation of design concepts which generally is compromised by contractors. So, this diversification intent was to execute design thoughts from concept to reality.

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